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Monday 21st September: eat what you can find for free cafe and a programme of short films as part of Glasgow Festival of DIY Culture

September 6, 2009

still from Misja BrunhildaMonday 21st September, @ The Albany, 44 Ashley Street, Glasgow, G3 6DS (please use entrance on Carnarvon St)

this event is part of the Glasgow Festival of DIY Culture and of the Bildwechsel programme of events, 17th – 23rd September:  Experiments in Living

6pm: eat what you can find for free café
Join us for some tasty found morsels

7pm: The Fridge Under The Kitchen Wagon – Der Schwarze Kanal, followed by a programme of queer collective-made short films

Film Programme:

The Fridge Under The Kitchen Wagon – Der Schwarze Kanal, 50’, Line Kühl, Bettina Mooshammer, Sophie Grohmann, Berlin 2008, German with English Subtitles

Documentary about life on the wagonplace Schwarzer Kanal in Berlin Mitte. The queer space is under constant threat of eviction by the city hall, landlord and neighbours.

Followed by a programme of queer collective-made shorts:

Boberger Cowboys (Even Cowgirls….; In the middle of nowhere), Ines Voigts, 3:27 and 2:15, 2007, Germany

Two shorts made from footage filmed on a diy film-in-a-day bildwechsel outing to the Boberger Dunes in Hamburg. Using no dialogue the camera follows plaid shirts, boots, hats, cigarettes and caresses, and there’s dancing!

Puszta Cowboy, The Budapest Lesbian Film Collective, Written & directed by Katrin Kremmler, Hungary, 9mins 46sec, 2004, BETA NTSC/DVD

Hungarian with English subtitles. The cowboy’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by an evil Lesbian bandit. Is he man enough to save her? The first Hungarian Lesbian – Transgender – Paprikawestern (parody), complete with horse, gunfight, goulash, and traditional Hungarian csárdás-dancing.

Misja Brunhilda, Queer Misjia Collective, Polish with English subtitles, 2008, 13 mins 28
The result of a video workshop in Warsaw, this collaborative project deconstructs the very sexist, polish cult film Seksmisja – queering the storyline and turning the heterosexism of the original on its head.

Feetish, Pornova Productions, Hamburg 3:52 min, 2005, DVD

A bathroom meeting… and all you need to see is what they do with their feet!

Burnout Trilogy ++

Blood On The Decks Burnout Films, Glasgow, 8mins, 2004

Viking Warrior Princesses versus Pirate Lesbian Vampires. Blood thirsty pirate lesbian vampires create havoc and mayhem with their lust for stolen Viking treasure on an uninhabited island. Or is it uninhabited? A battle ensues between the two parties with a surprising outcome.

Amazing Graves – Burnout Films, Glasgow, 13mins, 2005

Dandy Zombies and Rockabilly Werewolves battle through dance in the Glasgow necropolis!

Fuckface and the Cowboys from Space, Burnout Films, Glasgow, 2006

Years in the making, FF&TCFS is an epoch-spanning, laser-blasting technicolour whirl of a sci-fi western.  Fuckface of the planet Fagon, a noble but idiotic Disco Robot, attempts to save his people from the oppressive rule of the Space Cowboys.  Contains lots of nudity and violence, but no swearing, sorry.

!! PLUS the premiere of Cock in the City, Burnout Films, 2009 !!

More Info: Experiments In Living 17th – 23rd September, Glasgow / Bildwechsel Glasgow

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