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CHANGE OF DATE: esa conference

August 31, 2006

The esa conference was going to take place on the 27th – 29th october – we have decided to change the date and it will now happen in spring or early summer next year.

there were a number of reasons for making this decision – one was about money: we want to make sure that everyone who wants to come can come and that it is not just those people from places where finding funding for these kinds of trips is easy (easier) that can attend.  Also – there are still places and people that we want to make contact with and talk to about the project.  We want to have more time to think about the process of organising and structuring the project, to be able to support women to particpate.

HOWEVER – we will still meet on the weekend of the 27th – 29th October in Hamburg but it will be more of a planning meeting – to discuss some of these issues and make decisions about how to move on.  We will also show some films and start on the ‘lifesavers’ (emergency women artists tourist guide).  If you would like to come this weekend please let us know – if you can’t make it but have some suggestions email us or call us. We will report back after the meeting by email or on the website.

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