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July 6, 2006


12:oo brunch at Wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal (michaelkirchstr. 20-21)
14:00 demo-start at Schwarzer Kanal
bring your skateboards, rolerscates, usw. and dress up!!!

22:00 bad queers night at subversive (brunnenstr.7)
performances & djs

With the Dyke/Trans March we want to give a voice and create more visibility for dykes, transgendered people, intersex and women that share their sexuality with them. The march is about taking space and celebrating ourselves. We don’t have that space in our everyday lives and way to little even in subcultural places. We aim to reclaim political space and start a new debate about queerfeminist praxis from our perspectives. Get out of the niche – come out into the street! – take pride in what you are! And this is only the beginning…we want to share both – fun and anger. Lets feel our strenght and use it for our party_poster.jpgactivism and our every day lives.

fingerfuckers, dykes on wheels, backyard butches with their dogs, kings
and queens, transpirates, monopause babes, dykes, patio daddy-o’s,
perverts, sissygirls and tomboys, chicks with dicks, power femmes,
trannyfags WELCOME

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