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burnout film shoot in hamburg – we need you! workshops 18th/19th/20th july, shooting 22nd july

July 2, 2006

burnout films will be filming their next d.i.y. film in hamburg on the 22nd July:

come along!! you can turn up on saturday at 11am for the big filming day, and / or you can come along during the week before and help make the costumes and props, fnd locations etc.

Filming: Saturday 22nd July in Hamburg – meet at 11am at the travelcentre at hauptbahnhof. bring bikes and your own costumes.

Workshop days: 18th, 19th and 20th July in the buttclub (provisional) – 2pm – 6pm – drop-in and make costumes and props: snacks, music and comedy will be provided.

The plot of the film: a giant capitalist chicken gets involved with a bike-gang of animal anarchists! – ‘sex in the city’ meets ‘a clockwork orange’.

Costumes: animal anarchists: dress up as any animal, in a kind of anarchist style – make sure you can still ride a bicycle! bright colours would be good. capes must be worn (like worn by superheroes! )

we need: people to be in the film, but also people to help on the day (filming, helping with props, looking after everyone…) – and people to find us free things (food, materials for props and costumes etc etc)

more info

it will be the best anarchic! hysterical! sexed! queer! feminist! d.i.y.! vegan! bicycle-friendly! film ever to be made! you’d be INSANE to miss it!!!

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