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MEMORIA, so that it will never happen again

June 25, 2006

memoria.gifMelina Seldes sent this information about her performance of "MEMORIA, so that it will never happen again" – see the flyer for more info, and see below for messages in support of the work.

"We would like to express our support to the broadcasting of the project "MEMORIA, so that it will never happen again". This theatre-dance creation is inspired in our fight . With no doubt all what can be done to let the world know about this infamous crime against humanity and the justice of our fight, would be beneficial not only for the young people who walk along life deprived of something so essential as the knowledge of their truth and history, but also for the entire society. Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo feels honoured by this dedication."

Estela Carlotto, president Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo


"We offer Melina Seldes with enormous delight the patronage of the Italian section of Amnesty International to the performance "Memoria, so that it will never happen again", which objective is to inform and sensitize the public opinion on the subject of human rights".

Marta Patreras, foreign affairs' commission


""Memoria" was chosen because of its explicit political demand, which is rarely occupied by a young group like this. The use of dance, words, video and music to deal with the story of "Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo" is a surprising approach. The youth of the director/choreographer and the dancers is very touching in the context of the "power of memory" (Seldes)"

Barbara Klein Director of Kosmos Theater & General manager of ´her position in transition´

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