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June 1, 2006

KAFFEQUEERIA is a queer collective based in Manchester. Not wanting tobuy into the commercial gay scene we are creating spaces to share withlike minded folk of all genders and sexualities, putting on the sort of diy non profit events we'd like to go to. Most of these are based round the wonders of music and food.

Have a look at
For more info and to subscribe to our wondrous mailing list!

THE KAFFEQUEERIA QUEER FILM FESTIVAL is an open invitation to all
independent, diy, no/low budget filmmakers, film enthusiasts and passive
auteurs with plenty of ideas and suggestions to make a pleasantly queer
weekender feature show happen at The Basement Social Centre, Manchester
City Centre between Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July 2006. (For info
on the basement go to

All manner of queer-themed submissions will be considered for screening.
We intend to make the Queer Film Festival a heady cocktail of shorts,
feature films and diy films. Enthrall us!

We extend a welcome, in particular, to those who have had queer-themed
submissions rejected by more commercial film festivals

We encourage folks of all genders and sexualities to submit (broadly
defined) queer-themed submissions.

We will provide a unique forum for diy filmmakers who produce
queer-themed films to run film-related workshops during the Saturday
afternoon prior to the film festival/ introduce their work/ run "Q&A"
Sessions after their screening for an "up for it" queer audience!

If you would like to have your say about what feature/shorts/diy films
should be shown at the Queer Film Festival, please subscribe to the
Kaffequeeria Mailing List by emailing If you
would like to be part of the collective running this festival and other
spangly not for profit queer events, please come to our regular meetings
@ The Basement Social Centre (see for

To submit your work to be considered for screening at the Kaffequeeria
Queer Film Festival, please send a clearly labelled copy of your work on
DVD/VHS Format only to the following address no later than 7th June
2006:- Kaffequeeria Queer Film Festival Submissions C/O 27 Cromwell
Avenue Manchester
M16 OBQ.

S u b m i s s i o n G u i d e l i n e s

– Please submit only VHS or DVD format films

– Please provide a brief film synopsis/description for each queer-themed
submission, in order for us to accurately promote your work if it is
selected for screening.

– Please indicate whether or not you are willing to run a film-related
workshop on the Saturday afternoon, prior to the screening of your
work/introduce your submission/run a "Q&A" Session with a friendly queer

– Please indicate clearly and include an S.A.E. if you would like your
submissions to be returned to you after the selection process and

– Please be creative, but please do not waste our time and yours by
sending inappropriate material, principally home made sex
tapes/exploitative material.

– Ensure that your submissions are received at the above mailing address
by the 1st week of June 2006, i.e. NO later than 7th June 2006, as
unfortunately we will be unable to consider your work for screening
after this time.

– Keep checking the Kaffequeeria Website and Mailing List for further
Queer Film Festival info.

Event – Kaffequeeria Queer Film Festival Date – Saturday 15th – Sunday
16th July 2006 Venue – The Basement Social Centre, 24 Lever Street,
Manchester City Centre. Deadline for submissions – NO LATER than 7th
June 2006.

"i'd like to be excused from spending my pink pounds on overpriced
drinks in unfriendly gay friendly venues that will look down on me if i
am bi, or trans, or black, or not so very well off, or not wearing the
same as everyone else, or a woman, or not part of a hen party, or…
i appreciate this means that i have no 'pride' and that i may be barred
from the gym of my aspirational new loft style apartment.
but hey, at least i've got kaffequeeria."

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