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May 28, 2006

hello lovelies

do any of you have programmes that you would want us to show in glasgow? me and nosh are able to show programmes in the CCA in glasgow and want to start as soon as possible.

what it is about:

nosh and i went to a meeting with some nice radical glasgow film folk a couple of days ago – about taking over the cinema in the CCA – running it as a self-organised cinema (its actually more of a screening room than full-blown cinema). anyway – it's free and all we have to do is organise the publicity, letting folk in, tidying up etc.

(NOTE: the CCA is an arts centre with about 6 different exhibition and performance spaces, a bar and a cafe, offices, a wee cinema. it used to be a fabulous venue but over the last 10 – 15 years has become quite an elitist space. it has been very badly mismanaged (again) and they are in deficit to the tune of £400,000 (thats about 600,000 euros). the management board has resigned and the cafe and bar are being run by the city council.

the first idea is that under the banner 'the screening room' (or some other name) that various groups coordinate film / video programmes in the CCA space – that we use an email discussion list and calendar to plan screenings, and to ask each other for advice and help if we need it. basically each group is responsible for their own screenings and organising their own events.

so far the groups are: camcorder guerillas, variant magazine, document (human rights film festival), bildwechsel glasgow (me and nosh). and supportive but not completely part of the group: Goethe Institute.

folk from the group are checking what equipment there is – there should be equipment to show all formats, but the cca have said that there is only a dvd player. so in the first few weeks it is probably safest to only programme things we have on dvd.

me and nosh are going to meet up soon to decide what we want to show and when, but if any of you have programmes that you would want us to show please let us know.

if you have any ideas let us know.


CCA (if you go the events calendar it is pretty clear that they haven't really got much going on – the only films scheduled are organised by the goethe institute – and marliess pfieffer from the GI was at our meeting as well)
camcorder guerillas:

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